About us

The idea behind this aim came after director Hanna Slaston visited Pakistan in 2015 and spent almost one year there. During her stay in Pakistan she tasted the most delicious fruits, vegetables, foods and rice in Pakistan. She decided to introduce these tasty things to Ukrainian citizens.

First of all she imported Pakistani super kernel basmati rice, IRRI-6, parboiled sella 1121 and introduced to Ukrainians with recipe how to cook and distributed free to taste more than 3000 packets of 200gr in all around Ukraine of super kernel white basmati rice.

Then she imported fresh mangoes and people of Ukraine became addicted. Videos and photos can prove the love of Ukrainians with mangoes. Now mango season is over but people are waiting for coming season with impatience. That is why now our company is importing mango pulp and dried mangoes to keep in touch with mango lovers in Ukraine.
Our company imported 20 types of spices from Pakistan.

Also now we negotiate with some companies to import Pakistani tangerines, oranges, especially red blood and sugar oranges to introduce to Ukrainians.

Our company wants to introduce Pakistani cuisine to Ukrainian people.

Our company details are as under:
Company name Kanivstar International LLC
Registration number 40730410
Address 19003, Ukraine, Kaniv, Shevchenko street, building 47, apt.180
Region Cherkasy
Contact telephone +38 095 944 32 75
email kanivstar@ukr.net
website www.kanivstar.com
whatsapp +38 095 944 32 75
+38 068 098 42 20

Shop Pakistan house Ukraine:
Address Ukraine, Kyiv, Myropilska street, 2